• Vitamin E Capsules

    Vitamin E Capsules for hair

    Vitamin E  is a  magical ingredient which helps in hair growth. Nowadays, you can find so many home remedies in which Vitamin E capsule is used to make you more beautiful. It can also be used for hair growth and…

  • Calamine lotion for acne
    Beauty,  Product review

    How to use Calamine lotion

    Calamine lotion for acne | Use of calamine for babies :     What is a Calamine Lotion? Calamine lotion is one of the best moisturizers which helps in giving a soothing effect to the skin. As it contains zinc oxide and…

  • Beauty,  Product review

    calora lotion review.

    calora lotion:                   I’m back with a new calamine lotion. Yes, all my reader’s calamine lotion with from a different brand called Calora. As I have shared my full review of Calapure-A lotion on…