poison 2 ZEE5

Poison 2 – The ZEE5 web series is back.

poison 2 – The ZEE5 web series

ZEE5 brings a new web series which is the second session of the web series Poison.
As it was already shown in the last episode of poison that the next season will be out by April. So it’s back with more revenge, new tricks, and lots of suspense in the whole story.

Nowadays no one loves to sit in front of the tv to watch stereotype dramas. Even when I was small I used to watch so many tv serials. But nowadays people love to watch everything on the phone and laptops. So our tv serials have gone into transformation on our phones with the type of web series.

Generally web series have 10-15 episodes and a small stay to complete. ZEE5 has an awesome web series. They are not the saas-bahu types but some stories are really amazing which can be connected to us in real-time and some are revenge types.
I do love watching all.

So I’m here to tell you about poison part 2  that is coming soon in the month of April. And yes the trailer is out and it shows so much of depth of the story. Actually the poison (part 1) was really good as each part of the story has suspense hidden in it. And the revenge comes out to be so good that it satisfies the whole story. Poison – ZEE5 web series was directed by Jatin Wagle and narrated by Shiraz Ahmed.

Why I’m so excited for poison season 2:

Poison 2 is also an action, crime, and thriller story with lots of drama.

As poison part 1 was filled with lots of suspense, thriller, and drama between both the characters named Ranveer and Vikram. In season 1 we have seen Tanuj Virwani and Arbaaz Khan in major roles. I personally loved the character of Arbaaz Khan. As his part of the story created a lot of suspense. There was a total of 11 episodes and all the episodes make you excited to watch the next one. You cant avoid watching the whole series as soon as you start it.

The story has love which creates lust, and lust to greed which leads to wrong decisions and in return leaves a poison of revenge in their hearts.

Shiraz Ahmed the narrator of the story has created various multilayered characters. As all of the characters have their own hidden agenda. So they are trying hard to fulfill them. the total 11 episodes were like a movie type with filmy dialogues of typical Hindi movies.

Yeah, this web series was a type of filmy story. You will enjoy it if you watch them. If you have not yet watched the series 1 , the do watch, As the second season is much more excitement filled than the first 1. Dialogues are quite filmy in this web series.

Poison 2 - The ZEE5 web series

What is the Story Line of poison 2

Poison 2 also has more revenge but with so many tricks. As the trailer shows it has some blackmailers, lust, and revenge in the whole story.

The director Vishal Pandya has taken the story to its edge to make it more appealing than the first season. 

The main character named Jaiveer has a loving family and friends. And a beautiful girlfriend and whatnot. The life he lived was so perfect than anyone else. The story begins here. Actually his life enters a bad phase and the revenge starts here.

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The cast of Poison 2 – The ZEE5 web series

Let me start with Aftab Shivdasani who is coming on screen after a long time.

Along with the Vin Rana, Rahul dev, Gautam Gulati, Zain Iman, and Taher Shabbir will be seen on the screen. I’m really excited to see all of them on one screen sharing the part of their story. And adding the spice and creating drama on the whole web series.

Female cast:

The trailer itself shows that the female character plays an important role in the whole series.

Diva Raai Laxmi is making her first digital debut with Aftab Shivdasani. 

As she was last seen in the horror-comedy in Venkatalakshmi which was directed by Kishore Kumar. The poster itself says a lot about it, she looks bold and the revenge is shown on her face. Along with her Pooja Chopra and Asmita Sood will be seen.

Ashita Modi, Shivanshu Nirupam, Seema Sahu, Jaya Chandode has done amazing work as Creative Heads.

I said in Shreemad Bhagavat Geeta ” Revenge is the purest emotion”, you will all get it here. and I personally get the satisfaction when the due is settled, and I hope you all will like this web series as much as I do.

Do let me know if you all are excited to see the series.

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