Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer Review
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Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer Review

Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer Spf 45 Pa+++ | Best moisturizer for men 


well, today I will be sharing about men’s moisturizer.

Recently I got a gift for my hubby. It’s from the brand called Phy which is recently launched. It’s actually men version of plum.

Just like plum, this brand is also 100%vegan and free of sulfates and paraben. This is the most important thing which really attracts me towards this kind of brands. And the most important fact is that they don’t test their products on animals. This is really good to know. You are using the product without harming anyone.

Do men need a face moisturizer?

Yes, they do need a moisturizer to keep their skin hydrated. As it’s so necessary for each one of us to apply moisturizer.

As moisturizer helps to lock the water and prevents the skin from becoming dull and dry. As a result, it decreases dry patches and uneven skin tone. Moisturizer controls aging and prevents wrinkling. If you are not using any moisturizer then you are making your skin more prone to sun tan and skin damage.

Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer Review,

Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer Spf 45 Pa+++ Claims:

About the brand Phy for Men:

Phy for men is a brand for men beauty and grooming products. As this brand has 100% vegan ingredients and PETA approved. As their all products are free of sulfates and parabens. Even their products do not have any harmful chemicals like silicones and phthalates.

All the products from this brand are dermatologically tested. That means it is good for acne prone skin. Finally, this brand believes in good science and effective products for having good skin.

Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer is a non-greasy formula with a super lightweight on the skin. As it has a microemulsion factor which makes the cream easily absorbed in the skin. Most of all, it contains sunscreen and vitamin B3 which helps to remove tan and works as a skin toner. White tea acts as an antioxidant.

Its one of the best daily moisturizers that help your skin to be hydrated and prevents suntan. Just apply 5 dots on the skin and massage it in a circulation motion for better absorption of the cream. Don’t forget to apply the cream 10 minutes before going out to the sun.

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Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer Review


Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer Review


Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer comes in a tube like a pack. I love the cap which totally makes it look so unique and classy for men. And the color of the Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer pack is really good which is kind of brownish in color making it more manly.

Available: PhyAmazon

Price: Rs. 580


The texture of Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer is very thick. It does not get spread easily. At that moment the skin looks little whitish. I personally do not like any kind of cream which will make you look whitish as soon as you apply.

Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer Review,

And the most important thing, it takes time to get absorbed in the skin. I think because of the sunscreen infused in the product. Generally, sunscreen makes you look more whitish and slowly when the product gets absorbed it look natural. So its always preferable to apply it at least 10-20 minutes before going out.


The fragrance of the  Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer is really good. My husband does like the smell Even though he has a very sensitive nose, as he doesn’t like smell which is hard. But the Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer smells good and does not make him sneeze.


It’s really important to share with you how did it work on my hubby’s skin. As I mentioned before that it has a really thick consistency. Yes, it was not easy to spread the cream on his face.

Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer Review

He always mixes the Plum grape seed & sea buckthorn glow restore face oils to make it thinner to get easily applied equally on his face. As a moisturizer, it should be thin enough to get the skin moisturized and penetrate deep inside to do the work. This really made him unhappy for the product.

During winters, his skin is on the dry side but generally, he does have oily skin. I brought this moisturizer with a lot of hope for his skin. But the moisturizer could not satisfy him. It was not blending easily on his skin. Rather than that, it was also making him look whitish. This was really weird to look.

Well, the Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer did moisturize his skin for at least 5-6 hours. For oily skin people, this is really good. I think its the best moisturizer to be used during summers as it has a non-greasy formula. The people who are sweating a lot can use this cream. If you are having oily skin then its one of the best moisturizer for you.

Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer Review

Pros of Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer :

  • keeps the skin moisturized for at least 6 hours.
  • good for people who have oily to combination skin.
  • does contain SPF 45.
  • travel-friendly.
  • it’s Non-comedogenic.
  • does not give the acne breakouts.
  • no paraben or no sulfates and even no silicon.
  • does not make the skin greasy.
  • contains vitamin B3 which is a skin toner.
  • best for summers.

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Cons of Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer :

  • quite pricy (but a smaller version is also available).
  • takes time to get absorbed into the skin.
  • makes you look whitish for at least 10 minutes.
  • not good for people with dry skin (as they do need an extra layer of moisture ).

Rating: 3.5/5

Final Verdict: 

Phy Light Combat Daily Moisturizer Spf 45 Pa+++ is one of the best moisturizers for people who have oily skin. I will recommend to boys to use it during summers as the product is not greasy but also have SPF which is really good. And during summers when you sweat much, using a non-greasy product is a good option. 

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