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Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser Review

Hello, Summer means tanning. Right! today I will be sharing a review on D-Tan Cleanser from a herbal brand named Ozone. Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser.

I went home last month and had lots of fun. Going home after a six months gap means visiting some local places, going for shopping and lots of stuff. As in Odisha, the temperature is quite high. So tanning is natural. Girls don’t like to look tanned,(yes I don’t).


Review of Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser:

Product Description:

Let us talk about the product. This is an ayurvedic product. The name of the brand itself tells a lot of things. Ozone means the outer layer of the atmosphere which makes the product related to the sun. The products are made of with the goodness of  Ayurveda and mixing it with Modern Science containing “natural and organic” products.

Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser

Price: Rs. 370.00

The product comes in a tub like a bottle, which has a cap on it. Since the jar is quite big, even though I got a sample size product. You will be happy knowing that it will go for a longer time. The bottle is of 200gms.

Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser  Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser

Ingredients:Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser

Fragrance :

The fragrance of the product is like the herbal type. I think it slightly smells like a bleaching type also. I don’t like the smell. It irritates my nose. But the result is awesome.

MY TAKE ON Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser:

You have to use this product once a week only. As it is mentioned in the product, so as not to use regularly. First, dampen your hands followed by taking a small amount of cleanser. Rub the palm to foam some lather. Apply the product on your face and neck and wash it off as a facewash.

The consistency of the product is quite good. It is not so flowy, just like a face pack. It looks like a bleaching cream, with lots of bubbles present. to me, it smells like bleach. if you ignore the smell, it works well.

Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser

Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser

Don’t keep it on the face for a long period of time. As it is a cleanser which helps in D-tanning. So use it as mentioned on the bottle or the cover.

I have been using this product for the past 2 weeks. The tans on my face has reduced a lot. My skin has become softer and the black spots on my face have also reduced. I would recommend it to everyone if you are tanned. Do use it once a week As a cleanser and get the instant result. There are lots of home remedies, but this gives an instant result, really happy.

Pros of Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser:

  • herbal product(no side effect)
  • used once a week
  • d-tan your skin
  • gives a glowing skin

Cons of Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser:

  • smells like bleach
  • not travel-friendly (big tub)


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