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my top 5 best baby wipes for new borns

What are the best baby wipes?

Hello, everyone.

Today’s post is all about wipes. after being a mom for the first time, the hunt of wipes started for me.

As every new parent does this.

I’m here to help all the new parents with some of my experiences. Yes, you got me, after using lots of wipes on my little one. I’m going to share some of my favorite wipes.

So let me start from the beginning of my wipes journey.

best baby wipes|top 5 best baby wipes

Littles wipes: best baby wipes

This is the first wipe that my baby started using from the day of birth.

Yes, these wipes were introduced to me by my doctor or you can say from my hospital.

I’m so thankful to the hospital that they helped me in choosing the right one for my baby at the time of need. As we Indians don’t like to buy anything before the baby comes to the world.

Surprisingly, I even didn’t buy anything before my baby before coming to the world.

So, that is the reason why I’m thanking the hospital.

Specifically, littles baby wipes contain jojoba oil, aloe vera, and even has balanced pH as per body suitability. Basically, its alcohol-free, paraben-free, and even dermatologically safe. It does have hypoallergenic ingredients & also pH balanced for ensuring the better safety of our baby.

It makes the skin soft and doesn’t create any rash after cleaning the baby’s skin. In other words, it moisturizes and cleans the baby’s skin. The fragrance is also so mild and does not last long.

Moreover, it can be used to clean the baby’s face and even during the diaper change. As, it has a soft blend of 98%water, made of polyester & viscose which retains moisture for a longer time. And prevents the wipes from tearing while wiping.

As my baby was born with less weight. So we had to take more care of her. My pediatrician suggested this little wipes.


I personally had been using these wipes for her till she was 4 months old. Then after I started using the other brand’s wipes which we generally received in gifts.

Everyone who comes to see little one, they do bring some kind of gifts which also includes wipes.

Johnson’s Baby wipes:

I think this is the most easily available wipe in the market. It can be found in any local store in India.

At times, when I forget to carry my wipes box, then I generally get one johnson’s wipes from the local store.

The wipes do have much amount of water contained in it. Occasionally the water from the package leaks, if the seal is not closed properly.

Available: Amazon

Johnson’s is already an established and reliable brand when it comes to child care and parents love using this product. The brand claims that it can be used for newborns. As it does not create any rashes and redness. But moisturizes the skin in a gentle way. Basically like other wipes, it is also free from alcohol and even soap-free.

Yes, sometimes lather as things form after using the wipes. But the brand says that it’s soap-free. It may be because of the moisturizer and other elements present in the wipes.

I personally love the smell and the water present in the wipes. With a single wipe, you can clean all the mess.

Luvlap  Sensitive Wipes: best baby wipes

Recently luvlap launched baby wipes. I received the whole range from an event. Although I have used so many kinds of stuff from luvlap. But when it comes to wipes, personal experience says a lot.


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However, everybody has different requirements and personal choices, so some like fragrance, some like moisturizer. So, I especially love the sensitive one. As all luvlap wipes have some kind of mild fragrance but the sensitive one does not. It’s just plain and simple one but with lots of moisturizer in it.

Available: Amazon

Luvalp does have other variants of wipes which include aloe vera wipes and the jojoba one. Jojoba oil wipes are good for dry skin babies. Alovera wipes are good for babies whose skin is normal to sensitive. The aloe vera wipes do have fragrance and the smells do not last long.

Like other brand wipes, luvlap wipes also are pH balanced, hypo-allergic, and even dermatologically tested. These ensure the safety of the babies.

Mee Mee Baby Gentle Wet Wipes:

I do love to include Mee Mee wipes in my top 5 Best Baby wipes.

These wipes are dermatologically tested, free from parabens, and has the goodness of aloe vera.

New parents always create a mess at the time of diaper change. Mee Mee Aloe vera wet wipes can be used to clean baby bump or potty cleaning. It’s better because it has more amount of water and aloe vera maintains the moisture of the skin. Regular use of this wipe does not create any rash which means the baby is happy and comfortable. Mee Mee wipes are non-toxic and even hypoallergenic which means its totally safe for everyday use.

Available: Amazon

They do have different wipes for hand and mouth, named Mee Mee hand & mouth baby wipes. Its particularly designed to clean the hands and mouths of babies. As it contains aloe vera and Chamomile Extracts to keep the baby safe. It can be used to clean the mess at mealtimes.

Mother Sparsh 98% Water Base Wipes: s


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Hey mommies.. After having a kid we all go for wipes hunt.. I know every one must have done this, Tried lots of wipes and then found the perfect one. Same with me .. I tried almost all the brands available in the market . If you don’t believe then check my blog as I have shared a list of wipes. It has been a month since I got my hands on @mothersparsh wipes. Trust me guys these wipes are biodegradable and even have plenty of water in it . The wipes are made of cotton fibre and you can see the strings very easily. It works amazing on my baby’s sensitive skin and does not give any rash or any kind of allergy on her skin. This wipes can even be used for newborn to toddlers. This is so far one of the best finds of my baby care products. Do let me know which all brands of wipes have you tried And which one would you love to suggest ?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #babiesofinstagram #baby #odishamoms #mothersparsh #momlife #indianmomblogger #indianmombloggers #indianmomonduty #paidcollaboration #smallwondersofworld

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Actually, mother Sparsh wipes are slightly different from other brands. They do have lots of water contained in the wipes which are around 98%. I think this is the reason it does the work properly without creating any harsh to the skin.

Mother Sparsh wipes do come under ayurvedic wipes, yes you got me. ayurvedic!

These wipes are biodegradable and are made of plant fabric.

Sometimes the brand thinks a lot about the consumer and even the mother nature. So did mother Sparsh. All with natural and free from harmful chemicals to make the product safe for babies. Overall the wipes are made of water and cotton to take care of our baby’s skin. The brand claims that its the purest wipes for baby care.

yes, it is, after using this a mom can say that. It does clean all the mess easily even at diaper times. As babies grow it the best time to have these wipes as the water cotton helps to clean all the mess. One wipe is enough to clean all the poop. And also it gives a fresh feeling to the skin and makes the baby happier(my personal experience).



Summary :
Finally, I want to say that if you are choosing any wipes for your babies. Be sure, before getting one, like what’s the purpose of getting a particular wipe.
If you want to clean during diaper change then get water-based wipes.
Other for hands and face, get a wipe which is specially designed for it.
Or else go for the aloe vera wipes which in general have a good amount of water and can be used for both.

Hello, Welcome to my small world of wonders. This is Sonam from Bhubaneswar. I am here to share with you my experiences and DIYs with beauty products and lifestyle.


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