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mamaearth onion hair oil review

mamaearth onion hair oil | mamaearth hair oil for hair fall control | best onion oil for hair.

When it comes to hair care, hair oil is a must. I personally love applying hair oil a lot.

You all will be surprised to know that I do apply hair oil thrice a week. After pregnancy, I was losing my hair like anything. I was so depressed to see every time I combed my hair.

I could see hair more on my comb, than on my scalp. So I thought to choose something that will give me a mental satisfaction first and then work. As it’s normal to lose hair after pregnancy. So I wanted something to start and give a piece of satisfaction to me.

Being a mother for the first time was really stressful and sleepless nights do make things more tiresome. So I thought to try the mamaearth hair fall kit. And I started using it without looking for any reviews.

Obviously, onion hair oil is on-trend and everyone is saying that it works. So without any second thought, I ordered my products from my favorite brand- mamaearth. I have been using so many products from this particular brand including my face serum and even my facewash.

And surprisingly the results… oh wait, to know the result read my final verdict.

mamaearth Onion Hair Oil Claims:

The brand says that this oil can be used both by men and women.

People with dry, damaged, and even colored /chemically treated hair can use it.

The product is free from mineral oil and even paraben-free. Its dermatologically tested and totally safe on skin.

mamaearth hair onion hair oil for hairfall control

Basically,mamaearth onion hair oil is combined with Redensyl to reduce hair fall and even promotes hair growth. Oils like sunflower oil, amla, and hibiscus oil help to make hair stronger from deep inside and reduces hair fall.

Additionally, Bhringraj Oil helps to nourish the scalp and makes the hair grow, reduces dandruff and other scalp problems.

Overall, this one oil has the tendency to help hair growth and control hair fall. mamaearth hair fall kit helps to reduce hair fall in all ways.

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mamaearth Onion Hair Oil Review:

Let me share my experience with this hair oil with you all.


It’s available on mamaearth website and even on Nykaa, Amazon 


I personally love the packaging of mamaearth onion hair oil. It comes with a comb applicator as Indulekha bhringa hair oil has. The comb applicator makes the application easier and spreads the oil in equal amounts to each root of our hair strands.

I think the comb application makes life easier, you can apply hair oil without anyone’s help.

mamaearth onion hair oil comb applicator

Texture and consistency:

The oil is not thick like castor oil. Generally, the oil is very light and non-sticky. As it has a combination of more than 10 oils but the brand has made sure of the quality (like non-sticky and smells amazing).

Does Mamaearth’s Onion Hair Oil has a pungent smell or a pleasant one?

I know people like me used to think, this oil may smell like an onion as it has onion in it.

But no no… it’s not.

I must say, people who love scented hair oils, then mamaearth onion hair oil will be their favorite.

Trust me guys, the oil does not smell like onion at all.

As it has onion seed oil infused with so many other oils like sunflower oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, Brahmi oil, and even more. I am hereby sharing a picture of the list of oils this product has.

mamaearth onion hair oil review

Effectiveness of mamaearth onion hair oil:

As I have said so much about the hair oil, but now it’s the time to reveal.

Can I use mamaearth oil for hair fall?

I’m so happy to say that after using it for more than a month, my hair fall has reduced to some extent. It does work amazingly on my dry frizzy hair.  The texture of my hair has become smoother and hair looks healthier.

I applied it at night time and gave a good massage for at least 5- 10 minutes, then braid my hair. And the next morning I wash my hair with the mamaearth onion shampoo.

In fact, I did these thrice a week, as you know I love keeping my hair oily. Because of curly hair, I love to apply lots of oil and make them soft. And I think, its the best way to avoid split ends too.

Is Mamaearth hair Oil best for hair regrowth?

Yes, mamaearth onion hair oil is good for hair regrowth. It really helps in making the hair grow. Generally, massaging the scalp helps to stimulate blood flow. So the blood flow helps in hair growth.

I’m not saying that if you have genetic or hormonal alopecia, then you can regrow the hair with this oil.

but it can definitely slow the process with ample nutritional support to the hair.


It takes time for any hair product to work. So always have patience when you are trying a new product. Take proper diet and sleep well to have healthy hair.

Pros of Mamaearth skin illuminate vitamin c serum:

  1. Comes with a comb applicator.
  2. Smells good.
  3. Has more than 10 oils in it.
  4. The goodness of onion seed oil.
  5. Nonsticky hair oil.
  6. It can be used by both men and women.
  7. Budget-friendly.
  8. Travel-friendly but while traveling, don’t forget to remove the comb applicator.
  9. Has no chemicals.

Cons of Mamaearth hair oil:

  1. People with sensitive nose may not like it as the fragrance is a little strong.
  2. The comb applicator is only available on a 250ml bottle.

Rating: 4/5

Final Verdict: 

If you are searching for hair oil for all your hair problems, then mamaearth onion hair oil is the one for you, my dear. After using it for a good duration of time, I can say this. It does reduce hair fall and helps in hair growth. But everything takes time, the process is slow. So do try this product for at least a month and see amazing results.

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