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Indulekha Bringha Hair Shampoo Review

Indulekha Hair shampoo with the goodness of Ayurveda

Hello everyone, I’m back with a new review.

As you all have read the name from the heading itself.

Well if you are following me on my Instagram, then you may be knowing the phases I have been passing through. Yeah, every one after delivery passes through this phase of hair fall medically called Telogen Effluvium.  I’m also on the same boat as other new mommies do.

Recently I started using Indulekha Bringha Hair Shampoo, after watching lots of ads on tv. Yes, like a typical Indian, I got influenced by tv.

And I was not expecting any good news from the shampoo. As I know its common to have hair fall after pregnancy. Even though I gave it a try.

So I’m here to share my experience after using this shampoo for a month.

Indulekha Hair shampoo


What does the brand Cream Claims:

As you have seen in so many ads about this particular shampoo. They say that it’s an ayurvedic shampoo with the goodness of bringha in it.  Bringha is nothing but a herb named bhringraj. Bhringraj is the king of herbs in the ayurvedic world. It contains the benefit of vitamin E and helps to grow hair follicle.

So, the brand claims that Indulekha Bringha Hair Shampoo contains the goodness of bringha and other natural ingredients, its made of all-natural ingredients and free from harsh chemicals.

Indulekha Bringha Hair Cleanser Review:


The list of ingredients is really so so good that you will fall in love with this shampoo. If you are a person who loves all-natural ingredients.

  • Bhringraj
  • Amla
  • Tulsi
  • Neem
  • Madhyantika
  • Shikakai
  • Rosemary

Packaging Of Indulekha Bringha Hair cleanser:

Indulekha Hair shampoo

Its have a flip cover on it like very shampoo bootle have. The bottle of quite long and big enough. I think it has been more than 1 month I have been using it and I think it may last 1-2 more months of regular use.

The color of the bottle is slightly golden. And the flip cover is quite tight enough. So the product does not leak if you are traveling with the bottle.

* I generally take shampoo in small bottles while traveling which makes it more convenient.

Available: Amazon

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Price: Rs 405.


As I have already said that its an ayurvedic shampoo. So the texture of the indulekha hair cleanser is quite smooth and thick enough. But after mixing it with water, it foams well. Because of shikakai, which makes lather.


The fragrance of Indulekha Hair Cleanser is a mix of rosemary and madhyantika. Let me tell you in simple words, it smells so ayurvedic. The mint smell lingers for a longer time. and make the hair scalp feel fresh.

Indulekha Hair shampoo

How did it work on my hair?

I know you all are here to only know how did it work on my hair.

Yeah! Let me tell you.

This particular shampoo didn’t disappoint me.

Yes, you got it.

It didn’t at all disappoint me, I am so happy after using it.

You all know changing a shampoo which you have been using it for the last 7-6 months is terrifying. As we don’t know what the new shampoo will give you. Sometimes some shampoos work and some don’t.

After using this shampoo for about a month, I think its the best time to share with you my experience. I have tried so many shampoos from different brands. Some shampoos with SLS and some without. Once after using  SLS free shampoo, you will never like to try a shampoo that has SLS. So, Indulkeha bringha shampoo has no harsh chemicals in it, and free of all the SLS stuffs.

After washing my hair, it does make my hair dry. I need to apply a conditioner to manage my dryness. Maybe because of the lather it creates. But overall it did work well on my curly hair. Being a curly hair person I’m really worried when changing a shampoo, but I was impressed with the ingredients and without any hesitation, I started using it.

The results were awesome. It does make my hair soft and manageable. The hair fall has not stopped but the texture of my hair is bettered. Even I can see fewer strands of hair fall happening during hair wash and combing.

The ingredients like amla, tulsi, and neem help in maintaining good scalp health. neem is a good agent helping in removing dandruff and other skin infectious agents.

But the fragrance is what makes me happier after every wash and yes, the less number of hair strand falling. What more you expect from a shampoo?

Plum Green Tea Alcohol-Free Toner

Do I recommend it for curly hair :

It’s a yes.

I do have curly hair and I love this Ayurvedic shampoo which is free from SLS.

Goodness  Of Indulekha Bringha Hair Cleanser  :

  1. Makes the hard scalp feel so refreshed after head wash.
  2. The smell of shampoo lingers around you for more than a day.
  3. It has all-natural ingredients.
  4. Free from all harmful chemicals like SLS. 
  5. It gives a good result after two to three uses.
  6. Has medicinal property.
  7. Smells like an ayurvedic shampoo.

Cons Of indulekha hair shampoo :

  • Need a conditioner for maintaining the frizzes.
  • Indulekha does not have its own conditioner.

Final Verdict: 

Last words, from my side.

 Indulekha bringha shampoo is a good hair cleanser. If you are searching for a shampoo that is not harsh to your hair, then you can go for it. And it does help in hair fall control. The best part of this shampoo, it makes you feel more refreshed after using it. It makes you feel lighter and fresh the whole day.  For summers its the best shampoo.

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Be Happy.

Take Care!

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  • Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    I also have used this shampoo. I felt the same as you have. BDW, I always use conditioner to keep my frizz manageable.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    Shikakai and other ancient ingredients from Ayurveda have been used by our grandmothers with amazing results. Indulekha products make use of the goodness of these ingredients which is really good.

  • Tess

    I have been using the oil since long time… I have not used the shampoo but your review is so good… I love how natural the ingredients are …can we use it for color hair I wonder

  • Mrinal Kiran

    I have been planning to try this shampoo for a long time… It seems really amazing! Thank you for the review!

  • Dr Bushra

    I’ve problem of rough and frizzy hair. This looks promising from your experience. Really like that its SLS free. Would definitely love to try this soon.

  • Papri Ganguly

    This hair shampoo is amazing on hair regrowth and healthy scalp. It is an ayurvedic medicine and works wonder. Thanks for sharing this helpful post

  • Preeti

    I have heard really great reviews of indulekha oil but never heard much about the shampoo.I would love to try indulekhaoil+shampoo combination for my hair.Great review dear 🙂

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