Classy Look With An Indian Wear

Today I will be sharing a new topic, how to look classy in Indian dresses.

The classy look is something different which makes you more confident and unique. Being classy is not just about style, But also showing off your elegance, grace, and finesse.

Sometimes in movies, we see actresses wearing lots of jewelry as in Padmavati. but it is not possible in our day to day life. Today I will be sharing some tips and tricks to look classy.

Tricks to look classy:

Dressing classy is not difficult, try to meld your personal style with a new way of dressing. Try something new from your closet and pair it with some decent look. It will definitely make you look classier than before.

My style is more classic and minimal but I do like to wear more whites than any other color.

White color makes the simple and elegant which is just perfect for everyone.

Tip no.1:

Always try to wear neutral colors. Neutral colors make you look more elegant than the contrast colors. Choosing neutral colors to make you feel more overwhelming than any other color. The best example is Anushka Sharma’s wedding dress. most of the brides prefer to wear red color on their wedding day. but Anushka has chosen a pale pink color. It shows how classy look she has given on the lehenga.

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Tip no.2:

Always try to wear a handloom or hand-crafted dress or saree. As we all Indians know that banarasi or kanchivaram are the most famous ones. Each and every state have handloom dresses. This gives a more classy look.

Tip no.3:

Using minimal accessories gives a more classy look. Simple jewelry is the best way to forgo a sophisticated style. In Indian attire, a neckpiece is most important followed by bangles. Therefore, I generally prefer wearing big jhumkas with the simple neckpiece. While you can wear a unique neckpiece with studs and some bangles, mostly handmade or handcrafted.


Tip no.4:

Do not overdo your makeup. Probably when we start applying makeup, generally we apply more than needed. I will suggest better to follow a foundation with some contouring and highlighting. Don’t overdo your eye makeup. It sometimes gives a fashionable look rather than a classy look.

Tip no.5:

Use neutral color lip shades. I like to admire the princess of  England Kate Middletown. being a princess, she keeps her look modest and classy. Always wearing minimal makeup with neutral shades of lip color. And don’t forget well-trimmed nails with pastel colors.

Tip no.6:

Always try to wear a well-tailored dress. The dresses in which you are more comfortable. baggy dress or loosely fitted dresses does not look cool. a well-pressed dress with the fit gives a more classy look.

Tip no7:

Don’t forget to use your signature perfume. It does not mean that you should use expensive perfume. Rather you make your own by mixing two different perfumes. A signature perfume makes you different from others. People will know you by that smell. Tip no.8:

A branded watch is a must, nowadays they are trendy. Do prefer Daniel Wellington or Fossil’s watch. They are not much costly but looks classy. Try to keep at least one branded watch rather than lots of watches.

Tip no.9: 

Black shoes or black sandals look good on each dress. In saree prefer to wear heels and with salwar prefer ballet flat shoes.

Are you ready to make a classy transition? Remember classy doesn’t mean boring or without personality. Dressing classy means dressing stylish and sophisticated. It’s also timeless and elegant. So take a look through your closet.

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