healthy snacks for babies

Healthy snacks for our little one

Gerber’s Healthy snacks for our little one

After becoming a mother I can understand the struggle of every mom.

We are always in a hunt to provide enough nutrition to our baby. So that the growth of our baby is not hampered. As the baby’s growth is directly dependent on the food items they take, especially in the 1st few years of life.

But it’s not easy to give every food to babies, as their growth of taste buds make them so choosy to find the right kind of food.

Recently my baby started weaning, and trust me I think making them eat is the toughest work. She only likes sweet items.

I’m really worried about how to make her eat healthy food items. As experts suggest, it’s always good to make babies learn healthy eating.

What are healthy foods? healthy snacks for our little one 

The most common question asked by new parents.

I think it’s better to consult a pediatrician at the beginning of weaning that is ideally at 6month of age.

As the pediatrician can help you in choosing the most healthy food items for your babies. It includes steamed vegetables, fruits, and even healthy snacks that are easily available in the market.

What do Healthy Snacks include? Healthy snacks for our little one

When it comes to choosing a healthy snack, it’s really a difficult job for parents to do. As kids do like to have chips, candies, or anything sweet that are seen over the store counters.

Generally, it leads to fat gain and even slows down the growth of babies.

The best way to help babies or children to have healthy food is to prepare it yourself before the hunger rings. Always be ready to serve your little one healthy snacks.

Be precise, when your little one feels hungry.

healthy snacks for babies

Some brands do provide healthy snacks which makes the job of parents quite easy. Because they do have lots of variants in flavors and content to choose from and even helps to change your little one’s detective taste buds.

It really happens to me every time.

My little one does not love to have the same type of food twice a day or two to three days a week.

So we have to make sure that we regularly change the recipes for her. So that she can enjoy eating and doesn’t puke anything.

Generally, I try to give her seasonal fruits like mango, guava, avocado, or even pears. And a blend of nuts or cereal to make the diet complete and even full of nutrients.

A healthy snack helps to maintain all the needs of nutrients in our baby’s body.

What are the essential nutrients for our kids? Healthy snacks for our little one

Yes, mommies, it’s time to know all the names of the nutrients which help in baby growth. As we all know lots of nutrients are found in raw veggies and even fruits.

And I’m sure like my kid, your kid also doesn’t like to eat all these which we mommies want them to eat.

Nutrients like sodium, calcium, potassium along with carbohydrate, fat, and protein are needed for our babies.

Sodium and Potassium work concurrently, as it helps in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance of the body. Also, it helps in nerve function by creating and maintaining action potential and regulates energy management at the cellular level to help grow muscle tone and function.

calcium, as you all know, makes the bone stronger, but it also plays an important role in the functioning of the heart.

Carbohydrates are the immediate source of energy. In general, it makes the children active the whole day.

Whereas fat helps in energy storage, insulation, and proteins help in muscle building. Lastly, calcium helps in building bones and even teeth.

my experience with Gerber 1st Foods Peach Baby Food

Recently I introduced her to a healthy snack from Gerber baby foods. And I think it is easy for me to feed it to her when she feels hungry.

healthy snacks for babies

Basically Gerber does have a range of foods from a crawler to toddlers when it comes to snacks. Most importantly, the products are a pack of nutrients that our baby requires for their growth.

Gerber 1st Foods Peach has Peaches, Vitamin C, and even  Peach Puree Concentrate. It does not have any added sugar to it. Generally, we parents love to avoid sugar for our little one and Gerber has taken care of it, making the meal tasty and even healthy. The variety of snacks helps the child to taste all the different flavours.

Gerber baby foods are loaded with sodium, potassium, carbs, and even a high amount of fibre. These ready to serve food is easy for new parents to serve and also is packed with nutrients for our little one.

Babies generally feel hungry every two to three hours. It means they need some snacks in between meals. Gerber food is the best option which can provide them with the nutrients at the most important time of the development of our little one. So that they stay active and have a healthy life.

Gerber foods are available online, you can check it here.

Gerber’s healthy snack  

do try to introduce this healthy snack to your little one.


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