How to help your child learn soft skills development.

 soft skills development simple ways | How to develop impressive soft skills of your child at home? |Child’s Soft Skills Development 

After becoming a parent, the responsibility of raising the little one in a perfect manner is a big responsibility. I thought to pen down my efforts in making my kid a smart and skilled individual in the world of the Rat race.

Nowadays, most people live in nuclear families, and in many instances, both the parents are working in some way or the other. So, they lack spending quality time with their kids and in this process, they sometimes miss out to help their child grow soft skills.

Trust me, children learn everything first from their home. Home is their first school and a parent is the first teacher, who helps them and guides them at times of need.

How to make your child learn soft skills development.

Allowing your kids to try new things – soft skills development

Children are excited to learn or try something new always. It does bring lots of excitement to them. If your child is willing to try something new, Don’t say “no”. Rather, allow your child to do, just stand there, and guide, so that he/she can know about their actions.

After doing the workout, your child will decide by himself to continue or not, but if you insist him/her not to do something s/he is willing to do, s/he will develop more curiosity to accomplish what is forbidden by you. So it will make your kid go against your will as well it will hamper the bonding between you and your child.

Teach good manners – soft skills development

Manners are not taught to them in any school. They carry it from home or anywhere they live, through their loved ones. So try to be humble towards your child when you talk. You will be the best example and an inspiration for your kid to pass on the manners.

Children are reflection of their parents. They talk like you, walk like and every action of you will be copied by your child. So it’s your responsibility to do it in such a way that you make your child learn the right things.

Start your day by wishing your child a good morning or a religious wish like namaste/salaam, followed by saying thank you and please in any conversation with your child. Try to always be polite, don’t show any form of anger. As anger will make your child go aggressive, which you don’t want.

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If your child is not in a mood to understand, wait for the time to pass. Talk to him after an hour or so. Maybe he/she will be ready to hear out and understand the situation.

Always reward your child for the good things he/she does, which helps in positive motivation and encouragement in your child to do better the next time.

Spend quality time – soft skills development

Spend quality time with your little ones to make them feel more special. 

It will encourage your child to learn more from you, by observing and even engaging with you. The most effective way is to play a lot with your child.

Every child has the ability to capture anything when they are enjoying it. There are so many games that can help your child learn soft skills at the time of fun. Start with playing word games, or guess the word game. It all helps in the child’s memory retention skills.

For verbal communication skills, ask your child, to tell a story, or share some of the best moments that he/she has spent in school or somewhere else. Another best way is to cook meals together. Your child will be sitting by you and will be engaged and entertained at the same time, without hampering your household work.

soft skills development

Limit the use of the screen – soft skills development

In the era of the internet, parents have to take care of screen time. I’m not saying to totally avoid screens or phones, but the usage should be minimal and not addictive and according to a time limit provided by the parents.

These days most parents either completely deprive the child of the screen or let them binge-watch the cartoons on TV and YOUTUBE so that the child will be engaged and s/he can do the essential works.

But, both of these are not beneficial in long term, you can’t keep your child away from technologies in an era of online learning through multiple apps, where the studies are going to take place sooner or later.

And binge-watching the cartoons won’t help either, as your child might get addicted to these things and the consequences you know better.

Make your child watch a variety of things, including games, movies, and sometimes cartoons. Don’t stick to a single genre.

This same rule is also applicable to parents too.  If you are spending time with your kid, then try to avoid screen as much as you can. Remember, your child is learning from you.

make them feel good about themselves

A happy child always has good behavior. It happens only when the child feels confident. Allow your child to do his work on his own, like packing school bags, tying his shoelaces, or the tie. This really leaves a good impact on your child’s mind to be more independent and gives them a strong feeling of doing things on their own.

Generally, you as parents are making your child responsible. The responsibility may be as small as completing his homework or carrying a tiffin box to school, but it’s so important to make them do it by themselves. Moreover, it helps your child to choose his priorities and the tasks in a structured way.

These are some ways, which can help your child in soft skill development. Undeniably, the process may take a long time, but it will help you and your child in long run.

Recently I came across a website named Little Leap.  And I’m so happy to find out that they can help our children in the soft skill development process.


soft skills development


Little Leap is an educational organization, which is built for children to learn the basics of soft skill development efficiently. As a result, it helps children to outperform well in any environment. They help children to perform well socially, develop communication skills and learn how to show maturity when needed.  Skill development programs by Little Leap can help children overcome the difficulties which they are facing in the future, may it be in academics or in classroom learning.

They provide classroom training which involves both the parent and the child to sit and interact with the classroom teaching.

They provide many ways of Soft Skills Development:

  • Games to play and learn
  • Reflection conversations
  • Individual and group worksheets
  • Interactive readings
  • Structured reasoning.
  • and much more.

soft skills development

Check out their website for more information about their Skill Development programs and to book a free demo session for your child. You can connect with them on WhatsApp or social media platforms.

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