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Calapure-A Lotion Review

Calapure-A Lotion Review            

Today’s review is all about a lotion which is not only recommended by beauticians but also by doctors/dermatologist. During winter, When the temperature drops, the air is dry, and low humidity can be a disaster to the skin.

The skin becomes dry, you start to feel itchy, chapped lips and flaky locks.

We need to protect our skin to get rid of this type of problems.

In winter season as less sebum is produced, so the skin feels dry and itchy. It can be countered by choosing the right moisturizer. Even we get more sun exposure during winter to get the heat from the sun, it’s being quite soothing to the skin but it leads to sunburns, the skin tries to become extra sensitive during this days.


Calapure-A Lotion is the medication for the problems. It soothes, moisturizes and softens the can be used for the treatment of any type of skin problems such as burning sensation of the skin, skin inflammation, dermatological problems, burns, surgical issues, wounds. Calamine is proved to be an effective medication for acne treatment. Calapure-A Lotion comes from the brand  Lifestar Division of Mankind Pharma.

Ingredients: main ingredients are water, Aloe vera gel, liquid paraffin, calamine, glycerin. And so many other good skin ingredients which I may have studied in my chemistry class but right now it’s hard to explain.

Price: 50ml for Rs.75, which is quite affordable.

Product Description: Calapure-A lotion contains Aloe vera-10%,Light Liquid Paraffin-10%, and Calamine -8%.This helps to make the skin smooth moisturizes and softens it. Aloe vera helps in reducing acne and making skin clean. Paraffin helps to maintain the moisture of the skin. Calamine soothes the skin, give relief from the burning sensation, allergic rashes, pruritus.

Calamine A lotion can be used on a daily basis, before going to the sun, after a bath.

Packing Of Calapure-A Lotion:

It comes in a white color bottle with a flip cap on it. the bottle should be squeezed to remove the product. The packing is travel-friendly which comes in different sizes of the bottle and the most important thing is easily available in all the chemist shops in India.
The products come in a cute bottle.

Product: The product comes in a light pink color which has a very thin consistency. The smell of the product is good enough like a moisturizer only.


How did Calapure-A Lotion work for me?

I regularly use the product before going out as a sunscreen and even as a moisturizer, which acts as a base for my bb creams. Take a coin-sized amount on your palm and apply it all over the face. It does not make the skin oily at all even though I have oily skin. When you apply the product you can see your skin looks little whitish but after some time, it gets absorbed in the skin making your skin look natural. At night, I used it lavishly. I applied a thicker layer mostly on my face and my hands with normal feel rough during winter. You can even use it as a foot moisturizer to make them moisturized.
Looks very Whitish during applying.

In the morning, my skin glows and give a smooth helped me to reduce acne and black spots. After about one week, my skin was clear no suntan or acne spots. It helped revert my skin back to normal. Calamine A-lotion does its jobs as per it claims. I am happy with this product, even though its a medicinal product but you can use it regularly.
After applying the Moisturizer. It gets absorbed int the skin

Pros of Calamine-A lotion:

  • Travel-friendly
  • easy to use
  • affordable
  • easily available
  • can be applied before makeup
  • reduces acne and blackspot
  • removes suntan
  • soothes the skin

Cons of Calamine-A Lotion:

  • Available at chemists shop.

Hope you all loved the review.

If you had tried this moisturizer, give a comment below about your review on this product so that others can know it.

if you are oily skin type or combination suffering from acne, give this moisturizer a try. You will certainly love it

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