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Atogla lotion or Atogla cream, Why it is the best for your baby

Atogla lotion | Atogla cream |why it is the best for baby

Today I will be sharing everything about Atogla lotion and Atogla cream. Especially after using it for my little one since her birth till now.

It’s like a weapon for me, so I thought how can’t I share it with you all.

I started collecting lots of sample bottles when my baby was inside my tummy. Yes ladies I did that, as I knew that this one product my baby is going to use much.

As we parents have atopic skin, the probability was high that my baby will have atopic skin too. so we were aware of it and tried to use the right product.

If you are a parent, you might be aware of this product or heard from other parents about this product. If not, then I will share it with all the details.

So when it comes to choosing a product for our little one. Being a new parent I’m always excited to know every detail of the products before using it on my baby’s skin.

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Undoubtedly every single baby around the world has very tender skin which is not yet ready to use anything harsh or experimenting with chemicals on them.

So the first question that comes into our minds is.

What is ATOGLA?

Atogla Lotion is a unique moisturizer specially designed for atopic skin

Atogla lotion or atolga cream is used for babies having atopic skin. It works as a moisturizer and protects the baby’s skin from damage. And also helps to protect the skin with the goodness of vitamin e, aloe vera, Ceramide III, cholesterol, and even GLA.

In other words, it’s a good moisturizer that protects the skin.


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What’s an atopic skin?

Atopic skin is a type of skin condition in which your skin may feel dry, itchy, or any redness, scales, and even bumps can be seen on the body. And it’s prone to develop Atopic Dermatitis, an eczematous condition.

Its generally found in babies to atopic parents and stays the whole life. Mostly infants or babies show this symptom of rashes on cheeks, scalp, and even on the forehead.

And when the baby grows older its can be seen that the baby gets rashes near his elbows or behind his knees. even at the neck, ankles, and inner wrists.

Atogla lotion or Atogla cream

Its actually passed genetically to the baby form the parents. And it’s not a big issue. This type of skin issue only requires extreme care.

  • like keeping the skin moisturized.
  • always prefer taking bath in lukewarm water.
  • not giving a shower, but a tub bath.
  • Bathing not more than 5 minutes
  • using soft clothes for babies(not woolen)
  • stay away from the dust
  • and yes most importantly, keep your baby’s nails trimmed always to avoid scratching the skin.

What is ATOGLA LOTION used for? | How to use Atogla lotion?

Mostly asked questioned by the parents.

Atogla lotion can be used after giving a bath or even when you feel that your little ones’ skin feels dry.

The ideal way of application: just after a tub bath for 5 minutes, pat dry the baby’s skin (don’t rub and dry) with a cotton towel and apply ATOGLA within 3 minutes when the skin is still moist. remember the job of moisturizer is not to give additional hydration to the skin, but it is to retain the moisture already present in the skin.

The lotion can be applied at any time and anywhere on the body excluding the sensitive part like the inner corners of the eyes and mucosa. It’s totally safe for the baby’s skin. it can be used 2-3 times in a day.

Atogla lotion can be used on babies after 3-5 days of birth. Generally, babies get so many white bumps, rashes, and even some kind of redness. It’s all because of sudden environmental changes. If the baby has atopic skin, then do apply atogla cream at this specifically targeted areas to stay protected.

It takes 2-3 days to normalize the skin for new ones and sometimes at least a week.

And yes, babies do show scaling on the scalp. Don’t apply oil to remove. Just clean it with a good baby-friendly shampoo and apply atogla lotion and slowly the dry skin will be removed with creating a redness.  And don’t pull the dry skin, it will be peeled off automatically.

Atogla lotion or Atogla cream

Some Queries of Parents regarding Atogla Lotion or Atogla cream.

 What is the best lotion to use on a newborn baby?

If you are asking me, then you know my answer. Its atogla lotion and atogla cream. And yes lots of pediatricians and dermatologists also recommend it.

Atogla Lotion is a very good moisturizer, especially for atopic skin.

  • It has an anti-irritant complex that protects the skin from dust or mite-induced irritation.
  • Has Ceramide III, it is a natural moisturizer of skin containing cholesterol that forms the natural barrier for the protection of skin and containing the moisture inside the tissue.
  • It contains GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) which has anti-inflammatory action, that reduces oxidative stress and damage to the skin.

Can we apply atogla lotion to the face of a newborn

Yes, you can apply the lotion or the cream on the face. It’s better if you apply the cream as its consistency is quite thick and works well on the face.

Even the cream can also be applied to any affected areas like the neck where generally babies get redness.

Do my baby has to use it all the time.

If your baby has an atopic skin, then do use it to moisturize the skin. It can be used every day.

And it has no side effects too. So using it every day is not an issue. you can also consult a dermatologist if you are using it for a longer duration of time.

when to use cream and when to use lotion.

The consistency of the cream is thicker than a lotion, and the spreadability of lotion is more than the cream.

so when you need it to be applied on a small portion of affected skin for therapeutic purposes you can use a cream base, and when you need to apply on a large surface area of skin for preventive purposes, you can go for the lotion.

Availability of Atogla Lotion or Atogla cream:

I think in India we can find it easily at any chemist shop. Just ask them about Atogla lotion or atogla cream. You can even find it through online shopping in firstcry, Amazon, Flipkart, and even Nykaa.

multiple sized bottles and tubes are available, you can grab the small one to try, and then if you love the results, then opt for the bigger one.

But before using it’s a must to talk to the doctor. As it’s for your baby who is new to this world and has to be taken excess care & love of.

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