8 Stylish ways to wear pastel

8 Stylish ways to wear pastel Sweaters

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As winter is back and everyone wants more layers to protect themselves from the chilly weather. Winters and sweater just go hand in hand, don’t they? When the word Sweaters come in mind, we think of cozy, comfy clothes which are soft and cute. Nowadays looking stylish is really challenging with the constant change in the fashion trends, it takes real efforts to be up to date with all these changes. But with pastel colors, which are currently on trend, you can get a perfect look this winter. It enhances your look by giving a cute and romantic feel.

Sweaters are the most staple element in the fashion world, especially during winter. There are so many types of sweaters, from turtleneck to oversized or knitted poncho sweater and many more to check out more sweater options you should explore online shopping sites. It really does not matter whether you wear a black or a white sweater, camel or grey ones, but to strike the perfect fashion statement you should wear pastel color sweaters. As Sweater needs to be paired with perfect shoes and pants to complete the look. Today I will be sharing some classic sweaters and some trendy outfits that can make you look fashionista.

8 Stylish way to wear pastel:

  1. Long cardigan sweater with bell bottoms:

Cardigan is always in fashion. Nowadays, a cardigan is paired with pom-pom to get a cozy look. Pom-pom gives a unique look to the cardigan. It’s the juxtaposition for both the combinations of bell pants and pom-pom cardigan. As a result, giving a flattery look in a unique way.

  1. Oversized Turtleneck sweater:

Turtleneck sweater looks kind of old fashion type, but believe me, they are back in style and can be worn in different ways. Turtlenecks are really comfy during winters. A turtleneck sweater can also look good with almost anything – jeans, skirts, leggings, leather pants, etc. But oversized turtleneck is in trend. In addition to jeans and long boots, it gives a unique look.

8 Stylish ways to wear pastel Sweaters

  1. Rainbow sweaters:

Currently, rainbow sweaters are the most delightful way to be dressed. It is somewhere in between the thermal and turtlenecks style. With more layers of colors, you can lift the winter with a cool look, no puns intended.

8 Stylish ways to wear pastel Sweaters

  1. Off-the-shoulder sweater:

Off shoulder sweaters are super sassy and great to wear for a night out with girls. But with rainbow stripes, it looks fabulous. Pair it up with jeans or any leather skirt and boots and you my friend, would look perfect. This is the most stylish outwear for night party.

8 Stylish ways to wear pastel Sweaters

  1. Lace-up

If you want to try something new, then lace-up sweaters are your best bet, they do kind of show off the skin but in a cute way. It makes you look more stylish and elegant at the same time.  As Lace up sweaters is so trendy this season that you can literally pair them with any leather skirt or your boyfriend’s jeans.

8 Stylish ways to wear pastel Sweaters

  1. Sweater dress with a trench coat:

If you want to try another all-time edgy look, just pair your sweater dress with a trench coat, that’s it, that’s all you have to do. This outfit is a great wear for any occasion. Finally, add more edge with some boots and accessories gives a classic retro look.

8 Stylish ways to wear pastel Sweaters

  1. Monochromatic looks:

Monochromatic looks are currently trendy on Instagram and all social platforms that I can think of. It really makes you look like a millionaire at no extra cost.

  1. Faux Fur Jacket:

Faux fur jacket is always on trend chart. People like me who don’t like to use animal fur, faux fur is a better option. Faux fur sweaters are comfier than any other sweaters, and you can quote me on that. It also gives a rich look. Try to pair them with a bold color and a black belt or shoes.

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Don’t forget to have a beanie hat which makes your look complete with the winter outfit. And of course a statement scarf.

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