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8 Simple steps will help you remove dandruff permanently

Home remedies to remove dandruff permanently:

When winter comes, it does bring dryness with it. As the moisture level drops down, skin tends to become dry. And this dryness causes itchiness and loss of dead skin. This dead skin causes infection with the secreted oil and leads to dandruff. Most of the time dandruff leads to serious hair fall as it infects the scalp. Dandruff does not happen only in winter but also in summer. Whenever the scalp removes the dry skin, dandruff is caused. It leads to inflammation and itching and redness of the scalp.

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It can only be controlled by following a healthy regime. A healthy regime removes dandruff permanently and does not allow it to come back.

Simple steps will help you remove dandruff permanently:

Clean your scalp to remove dandruff permanently :

Most of the time in winter, we people don’t like to take a head shower, As hair takes a lot of time to dry. So people avoid washing their head. But in winters its necessary to wash the hair. As hair allows dust to sit on the scalp. The dust mixed with dry flaky scalp helps the infection to grow and causes dandruff.

So it is important to wash the hair to remove excess oil and dust from the scalp. Don’t forget to exfoliate the scalp as it removes the dirt and helps to open the pores to grow new hair. Most of us having healthy hair always start from washing and conditioning the hair. Finally for shampooing choosing the right shampoo is also important.

Choosing the best shampoo:

If you are suffering from dandruff, choose shampoo wisely, As the shampoo helps in removing excess dirt from the scalp. It also helps to prevent further infection. Always make sure that the shampoo should contain at least zinc pyrithione or ketoconazole or selenium sulfide. As ketoconazole helps in removing fungus. Zinc pyrithione has antifungal property and helps skin repairing. So as selenium sulfide helps in protecting the hair from free radical damage.

Home remedies to remove dandruff permanently

Regularly Apply Moisturizer To The Scalp helps to remove dandruff :

Moisturizing the scalp means applying hair oil to the scalp. Hair oil helps to hold the moisture and protects the scalp from dryness. Most of all hair oil with magical ingredients helps the scalp avoid dryness and promotes hair growth. If there will be no dryness means no dandruff.

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Home remedies to remove dandruff permanently

Always apply hair oil before going to bed. It’s a better way to relax the scalp and get better sleep. If you don’t like applying hair oil every day, then do apply at least twice a week and wash it the next day.

Give a massage at least twice a week helps to remove dandruff permanently :

Massage does magic to your hair. Always try to massage your hair at least twice a week. As massage helps in stimulating blood circulation. Therefore, it makes a healthier scalp. It also helps in hair growth and making hair silky and shiny. The most important is it removes the toxins and stress from the head.

Home remedies to remove dandruff permanently

Always try to include coconut oil, almond, sesame, olive and castor oil. This oils help to moisturize the hair scalp. And also plays a vital role in removing dandruff. Also, it moisturizes the scalp and promotes new hair growth. Finally, massage helps in better sleep as it relaxes the muscles.

Tip: When you are massaging your head, always focus on the center of your head. So that It can relay enough blood supply to the scalp.

Brushing the hair:

Brushing is the best way to stimulate blood circulation. It’s also the best way to detangle hair. Most of the times, when at work we tie our hair so tightly and spend the day like that. Before going to bed brushing hair helps to relax the scalp and removes the stress from hair.

Regularly brushing hair makes hair shinier and thicker. It helps in hair growth and reduces hair breakage. Always prefer wide tooth comb or padded brush for brushing hair. Nowadays wooden comb is on trend. Wooden comb helps to reduce frizziness. Wooden comb made from neem trees helps in reducing dandruff.

Improper diet:

Diet plays an important role in helping dandruff grow. As for diet including ginger, garlic, fruits helps in hair growth and nourishes the scalp. It’s very important to have a proper diet. The diet should be richer in proteins and fibers. More sugar consumption leads to excess oil secretion on the scalp. In return, it helps dandruff to grow causing fungal infection. So it’s important to have an eye on sugar consumption.

Home remedies to remove dandruff permanently

Using more hair products:

Using excessive hair products on the scalp can lead to dry scalp. More often applying dry shampoo to reduce oiliness from the scalp leads to dryness. It’s better to avoid them. Once a week applying hair products is ok. Often using them leads to dandruff and hair fall.

Home remedies to remove dandruff permanently

Applying hair mask helps to remove dandruff permanently :

Whenever I think of hair mask, aloe vera gel is the best HAIR MASK FOR ALL HAIR PROBLEMS. I have been using aloe vera as a hair mask and it really helped me get rid of all kind of scalp problems including hair fall, dandruff, and even dry hair. Aloe vera is just a magical plant for all type of problems. It has the goodness of antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Home remedies to remove dandruff permanently

Take a fresh aloe vera, blend it and apply it on the scalp for 30 minutes. Then wash it with lukewarm water. If you are applying aloe vera gel then it’s better not to use shampoo. As shampoo will remove the goodness of it. So its better to apply aloe vera gel on washed hair.

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Tips To Control Hair Fall


Dandruff is a serious issue, so take care of it. Otherwise, hair fall and fungal infection will grow slowly if not proper care is taken. If the condition is really worse then consult a doctor. A doctor can suggest better and very fast treatment for it. These remedies are also helpful if you continue doing them regularly. Home remedies and hygiene should be maintained to avoid any kind of infection.

In conclusion, do follow these basic hair care tips to remove dandruff permanently. It will help you control hair fall.

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