New Year Resolutions For 2019

8 New Year Resolutions For 2019

New Year Resolutions For 2019 | 8 healthy habits to start this new year |

Happy new year 2019

It’s the best time to make resolutions for yourself. I know some of you do not love to make resolutions. But the reason for resolution is so great. Whenever you decide something for yourself. You always try to do it.

Just like, today I will watch a movie. So I booked a ticket from yesterday to watch the movie. The planning always starts from yesterday and which helps to make a better today and tomorrow. Hope my lines do not confuse you.

I will be sharing some important resolutions that each and everyone should make it for a better healthy life. Nowadays everyone is gaining weight, worried about their skin and even some lifestyle-related diseases. I know its really hard to find a solution for all the problems.

But trust me dear ones, I personally have seen changes on me by just following some simple tips for myself.

8 New Year Resolutions For 2019:

New Year Resolutions For 2019

1.Getting up early in the morning

I think this is the first and foremost resolution each and everyone should make. As getting up early morning helps to bring positivity in your life. It’s just like getting blessed from God.

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If you following me, then you must know this. I always say this line…”get up early in the morning” As it’s my personal experience When you get up early in the morning, you start to feel great. The fresh air makes your skin feel relaxed and the chippering of birds make you feel so good. the day will be longer than it used to be. The time will be more and you will enjoy the whole day with more power.

2.Exercise daily

Exercise is so crucial for having a healthy lifestyle. I know people always think to do exercise and they just can’t do it for some reason. The best way to exercise is just getting motivated all the time from Youtube or Instagram. Exercise is the only way to burn out the extra calories from our body. It does help in better blood circulation and gives an instant glow on the skin.

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New Year Resolutions For 2019

The best time for exercise is morning. During the morning time, our body uses fat to burn the calories. It’s better to workout in the morning. But in evening time our body uses carbohydrates to burn the calories. So early morning exercise helps you lose weight.

3.Saying no to sugar

Start this new year with a resolution to not use more sugar. Ohh, this is really important for being healthy. As I have already discussed sugar in my last post. That how sugar helps in weight gain and other diseases.

It’s important to eat a healthy diet. This healthy diet includes the right amount of fiber, carbs and even proteins.

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New Year Resolutions For 2019

Try to include seed and nuts in your diet. And try to avoid sugar, rather use honey or dates for a sugar craving. A healthy diet will help you to live a healthy life free from diseases.

4. Drinking at least 2-3 liters of water:

I know everyone knows that drinking 2 liters of water is good for health. But strictly no one follows it. Water is the best way to reduce weight and have a glowing skin. As it removes the toxins from our body and helps in better digestion.

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Try to drink at least 2- 3 liters of water daily. If you are not able to count the glasses of water daily, Do install apps for it so that it will be easy for you to have an eye on the glasses of water you drink daily.

5. Being motivated

Staying motivated the whole year is really difficult. But if you want to stay motivated, then you can.

Always have some inspiration, get inspired by the people of what they are willing to become. Admiring them helps us to motivate. And motivation is the only way to feel positive towards your goal.

New Year Resolutions For 2019

6. Maintaining a journal:

Have you ever maintained a journal for yourself?

If no then you should start doing it.

It is the best way to know your goals. Journals are always a best friend for people who love to have a planned life for themselves. There are so many journals like a travel journal, every life journal and ideas journal. I personally like to have a journal in which you plan everything or just write it down the ideas of what wherever comes to your mind.

New Year Resolutions For 2019

Journals are so useful that having them sometimes feel like having a good friend who always helps you to guide the right path.

7.Avoiding social network:

Nowadays we people spend more time on mobile, browsing Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Sometimes we just send the text message to the person sitting in the same room.

Start talking to people by going to them. It helps to make a better relationship and better understanding. Start making friends in real life.

I’m not saying that totally avoid all the networks. Being on network helps us to stay updated. But being a human being, find time for people near you. Give them the special time and make them feel special.

8. Early to bed:

This habit helps you to get up early in the morning. yes, sleeping early means getting early in the morning.

It’s so important to avoid phones, laptop and even watching tv on the bed should not be allowed. Generally, we don’t fall asleep browsing or watching serials.

Sleep does not come easily, It takes time. When our body relaxes, sleep comes. So it’s really important to close your eyes and lie down on the bed for at least 5-10 minutes. You can feel sleepy after that.

I know it will be a little tougher when you try for the first time. But trust me, when you make it a habit. Sleep will automatically come if you go to bed or not.

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Be Happy.

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