5 Reasons Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is The Best Value Plan

5 Reasons Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is The Best Value Plan

hello everyone, today I will be telling you about a new launch from ZEE5and 5 Reasons Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is The Best Value Plan.

This pandemic situations have made people spend more time inside the home. And we all are totally dependent on digital platforms. Every age of people is using digital media, from grannies to children.

As everyone is locked and all want to spend quality time. People like me watched series, shows as we got enough time to do nothing. No worries about work as everything was shut. Just enjoy the time either with family or watching anything good.

So here the competition among all-digital series arises. Most people in India love watching tv shows or movies. Zee5 is one of the more watched channels when it comes to serials and other series. Alt Balaji web series and Zindagi shows made zee5 must watch over the internet.

Generally, we used to watch one series a month or so. But this lockdown made people to spent most of the time watching web series and many shows. And I know all of the must you have been watching Something or the other amongst the web series.

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Recently Zee5 launched a new program for all the users to access all the features at a great price. In India, people love to watch everything spicy and I must say, the shows on zee5 are too good to pay for.

So today I will be sharing with you 5 reasons why you need to choose the club pack of zee5, rather than any other one.

New Entry-Level Subscription Plan for Rs 365 a year: 5 Reasons Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is The Best Value Plan

Surprisingly, the price of the zee5 club is as less as any other OTT streaming platform currently available in India. Its like 365 rupees year, you just have to pay 1 rupee each day. Eventually, you can watch all the shows like the Alt Balaji show, Zindagi shows, regional language movies.

5 Reasons Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is The Best Value Plan

Additionally, the viewer can even watch Zindagi tv shows, all kids channel, and the live tv too. What more you need in this price range. It’s cheaper than you pay to any other tv channels to watch the shows. As tv channels do include the fixed price range for some particular channels.

This Zee5 club pack plan is as same as the Disney + Hotstar- plan. But less charge than the Hotstar Plan, as Hotstar charges you 399 for an annual subscription.

Besides all the benefits, you have one other good news that you can watch your favorite shows before its telecast on tv.

Much better than the annual subscription plan: 5 Reasons Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is The Best Value Plan

Before, the launch of new the Zee5 club plack. Zee5 had a subscription plan named annual subscription plan which includes all the shows from Zee5. Moreover, the price was at the higher end, like 999 per year for the premium plan.

But after the entry of COVID, The whole of India was suffering from the loss of jobs or half paid salaries.

Furthermore, Zee5 took care of the democratizing access to all people to watch their favorite shows and movies at a great price. Moreover, the users can watch the shows anywhere as it has access to both Android and iOS devices.

Just download the Zee5 app on your phone or smart tv or any streaming devices to watch your favorite movies or any shows. You can access the shows anywhere and anytime like any other premium subscription used to do.

Mostly Zee5 club pack is good as it does not create a burden on your wallet. And you can watch all the content including English, Hindi or regional languages. (Hindi movies, Telugu movies, Tamil movies, Kannada movies, Malayalam movies, Bangla movies, Marathi movies, and much more. )

Get access to all Top Zee5 originals which has good IMDb rating: 5 Reasons Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is The Best Value Plan

When it comes to original shows, Zee5 has an amazing list of shows. As many shows of zee5 have a good IMDB rating of around 8- 10. IMDb rating helps us to choose whether it is worth spending your time watching a show or not.

And some shows are quite unique and are more likely to be watched. You can only find it on zee5 and nowhere else. Starting from Rangbaaz which has an IMDb rating of 8.9 out of 10. Its the story of a real-life gangster from Gorakhpur. Shri Prakash Shukla’s real-life story is portrait in the whole series. People who love watching crime shows may like it more as it has so much action, lust, politics, and love story.

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Never Kiss Your Best Friend has 8.7 ratings on IMDb. It’s a romantic comedy series which have portrait friendship, relationship, and much of emotions. the story is all about having faith in love. The story is based on a book by Sumrit Shahi and is co-written by popular author Durjoy Datta.

Kaafir is the most popular full of drama web series on Zee5. Its the story of a Pakistani woman jailed in India. The lawyer comes to help her find the truth. And yes, this series is also a true story.

Another story that is based on true events from Noida, India. Abhay, casting Kunal khemu as an investigative journalist. He tries to solve the case of murder by balancing his personal life.

Lots of other Originals of zee5 has a good rating, choose according to your like and enjoy watching them. As most of them are based on true events, make you feel more relatable to the story. Yes, with lots of twists and turns make you watch till the end of the season.

Superheros on zee5 for your kids to get entrained: 5 Reasons Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is The Best Value Plan

Being a parent, I will choose something that will entertain my kid. And here zee5 club pack too have best ways to entertain and teach the kid a perfect lesson without making them feel stressed.

Nowadays everyone loves watching them, as the message of the animation stories have good morals. It helps kids choosing the right and stopping them to do wrong. Chota bheem,bablu dablu are most popular in children.

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On the Zee5 app, you can watch Vir the robot boy, which has a series of episodes trying to solve every day a new problem. Chhota Hatim and Seven Monsters show an adventure story of finding princess Leela.  Hatim fights with the monsters and evil king to save the princess.

I recently watched Gunja, a wonder Girl. It’s the story of a girl who loves helping people. The story is all about selflessness and sacrifice to save her village. Generally, watching this type of stores give instant happiness and positivity.

Zee5 not only has a good series for kids but you can watch movies too.

Movies to watch on Zee5: 5 Reasons Why ZEE5 Club Pack Is The Best Value Plan

When it comes to movies, there are lots of options. We in India, talk different languages around different states. And here come the movies of each state so different, with a touch of the local language, make the movie more different from regular Bollywood.

Zee5 gives you access to so many regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Odia, Kannada, Malayalam, and many more.
Bamfaad, zee5 originals film is a thriller drama with a story of true love in it. The story of teenager Preethi and Aaditya with a raw and edgy love angle is a must-watch. As this movie was released in April and now trending as for the new faces and even the story.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s new movies Ghoomketu is a must-watch movie. the story is all about a small-town man who comes to Mumbai to

fulfill his dreams. And lastly, Chintu Ka Birthday is an awesome movie with lots of positivity.

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Do try the zee5 club pack and enjoy watching unlimited.

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