Top 5 Foundations For Oily Skin

Top 5 Foundations For Oily Skin

Hello, Today I am going to share with you all top 5 foundations for oily skin. Oily skin is a huge hassle, and I understand that it can be difficult to find the right makeup product. Everything wears off in a few hours, and your face starts to look shiny as though you took an oil bath. And even if you do find the right product, they’re all probably high-end and quite heavy in the pocket. I have oily skin and understand this all too well. So, let’s say we help each other out, eh? I’ve put together some of the best foundations suitable for oily skin. Check them out!

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Foundations are the base of every makeup, so do everyone who loves makeup need it.Finding right foundation is not an easy job because many foundations have oil content that is going to look dewy on dry skin but its a nightmare if your skin is oily.If you are choosing a wrong foundation then, just don’t get panic, always carry a tissue so that you can dab the excess oil.

Some tips should be followed before buying a foundation, especially for oily skin girls.

  1. Choose a foundation that is oil-free and dermatologically tested.
  2. Go bare face to shopping counter to select a foundation for yourself.
  3. Always apply foundation with applicators such as a  damp sponge or a that excess amount of foundation will be left on your applicator.
  4. Always use a primer before foundation.So that it will create a barrier between foundation and your skin.
  5. lastly, use a loose powder or compact to set the foundation.

List of Foundation For Oily Skin:

  1. REVLON COLORSTAY LIQUID FOUNDATION FOR OILY SKIN.: This is one of my favorite foundations for all time.If you ask me best foundations for oily skin I will prefer you this one .trust me, this is the best foundation for oily skin. It makes your skin super matte and when you sweat it comes from the foundation, you can just dab it with a tissue and the foundation does not go off. Do not use it without a moisturizer and primer.
  2. MAYBELLINE FIT ME MATTE + PORELESS FOUNDATION: This is a budget-friendly foundation The FitMe Matte+ pore-minimizing foundation contains genius blurring micro-powders that erase pores and absorb oil for a naturally matte and poreless-looking finish. This is my current favorite foundation. If you are a beginner in foundation then go for this one. Trust me this won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It is Dermatologist and allergy tested. It is a mattifying liquid formula ideal for normal to oily skin and non-comedogenic.
  3. NYKAA SKINGENIUS SCULPTING & HYDRATING FOUNDATION:  This luxurious long-wear formula lasts all day long, keeping your skin fresh and radiant which is enriched with Polylift technology and Hyaluronic Acid. The unique color-adapting technology allows you to get a perfect match to your skin tone. It is also equipped with sun filters that shield your perfect complexion. This foundation is Fragrance and Paraben free.
  4. L.A PRO COVERAGE ILLUMINATING LIQUID FOUNDATION: This foundation gives a high definition foundation which gives a smooth and natural base. It is a long wear illuminating Foundation which is ideal for flawless looks and gives a full coverage finish. This foundation is lightweight but if you are newly married and need a foundation, then this is for you.and the most important thing is this foundation is paraben free.
  5. L’OREAL PARIS INFALLIBLE 24H FOUNDATION: This foundation is the best foundation with a 24hr stay and maximum coverage. It is totally touch proof, resists extreme humidity and erases imperfection without making your skin oily. This foundation’s texture is perfect for brush application. It glides over the skin, sets effortlessly and delivers ultimate coverage without a layered effect.

Hope this information will help you in choosing right foundation for you. If you know any foundation that is good for oily skin . Do let me know by commenting below. I will prefer to try it and review in my next article.

Until Next Time. Stay Beautiful.!

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