Today’s post is a guest post from Midori, a fashion and beauty blogger who specializes in budget-conscious apple shapes. You can check out more skirt outfit inspiration from her here.

If you want to get out of the door quick and not have to give a second thought to your office attire, here is the formula for skirt outfit that always work great to flatter an apple shaped body:

Choose one top:

Open dark fitted blazer/light colored cami

Dark fitted quarter sleeve V-neck top

Choose one bottom:

Fit and flare dress or skirt with a length that ends right above the knee, preferably in a light color.

Bright/light colored, printed or horizontal striped pencil skirt with a length that ends right above the knee.

Choose one shoe:

Pointy toe stiletto

Strappy heels

Why this formula works

This formula works because an apple shape wants to put light and bright colors, print and horizontal stripes on the lower body to add width to the hip area while using dark colors to elongate and slim the upper body.

An open, dark fitted blazer creates two parallel lines running down the torso on an apple shape, which is also flattering and elongating.

Quarter sleeves are the most flattering sleeve length for an apple shape with ample upper arms. It covers the problem area but exposes forearms. Looks more flattering than long sleeve because with arms at the sides, long sleeves add width to the upper half of the body with arms and torso all one color.

A V-neck is the most flattering neckline on an apple shape because it lengthens the neck without adding width to the shoulder area (like a scoop neck or u-shape neckline does).

The two heel options are classic and go with almost everything and show off an apple shape’s best feature- legs!

If you’re an apple shape, have you ever used this formula for creating skirt outfits? I’d love to know!

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A fitted black quarter sleeve blazer.

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Hope you all love the post.

If you are an apple shape you will certainly love it.Give a comment below about your review on this post so that others can know it.

Do check her blog for more fashion and beauty.(Midori)

Stay Happy.Love yourself.

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