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    Home remedies to get rid of Dark Circles

    Home remedies to get rid of Dark Circles : Dark circles are so common nowadays that you can easily find them on school-going girls and boys. Lots of young generation do suffer from it. Dark circles are the most rigid dark areas under the eyes. As we people spend most of our time in front of a mobile and computers. And mostly in sun or in air-conditioned environments. These are the most common elements which cause the skin around our eyes to strain. Finally, resulting in dark circles, red eyes and even pigmentation. It’s really difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stress is the main reason behind it. First of all finding…

  • 8 Healthy habits for weight loss

    8 Healthy habits for weight loss

    Nowadays, we people want to lose weight just by doing dieting. But I’m really sorry to say, that dieting alone will not help you guys lose weight. Weight loss is not about only having less amount of food. Its actually having the right amount of food that our body needs. Weight loss does not start by doing dieting only but also adapting to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is not that tough to follow as some of you may think. It can be achieved by making some simple changes to our daily life. Healthy habits for weight loss: Rule 1: Always try to wake up early Yes, it’s the first key point…

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    Diet food for healthy lifestyle

    Diet food is tastier food. Hello everyone, today’s topic is all about Indian food and how to live a healthier life. First of all, I am dieting to lose some extra weight. And it’s really hard for me to reduce those fats and, of course, the extra calories from my diet. Being an Indian I do love Indian fast foods such as puri, kachori, samosa, and all the deep-fried foods. All Indian thalis include diets are rich in nutrition like grains, lentils, healthy fats, vegetables, dairy, and fruits.  But I think 90% of people don’t get that much to eat or some don’t have time to eat all that. In India people now…