Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer

Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer

Hi everyone!!

I am back with my new post after a long break.You must be thinking where I was, but it’s a secret that I’m gonna share later on.Well, today’s review is all about a moisturizer(Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer).

When it comes to oily skin, people tend to think that oily skin doesn’t need any care or moisturizer because natural oily is secreted by our glands.Oily skin too needs nourishment and care.But choosing an appropriate moisturizer for oily skin is a task since most of the creams and moisturizers are quite heavy and can be greasy for the oily skin.

Nowadays I am happy with my new moisturizer .it does not make my skin feel greasy at all so I thought of sharing this product review with you that all the others who do have oily skin can easily find this out and can give a try.

So let’s start the review:

Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer comes from the brand Plum.Plum is an Indian brand, which is 100% vegan and TOTALLY free of Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, SLS, DEA & PABA.Plum does not test its products on animals.

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Price: Rs. 470 for 50 ml of the product, but in Amazon and Nykaa you can get it on lower price during the sale.

Product description: for combo, oily, acne-prone skin. Silicone free,matte-finish moisturizer with handpicked non-comedogenic ingredients.Daily pleasant after-feel,non-shiny finish and acne combat.

Brand Claims: Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer has green tea extracts and glycolic acid which keeps the skin healthy and prevents the oxidative stress that causes acne.

Experience with Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer

Packing: Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer comes in a white pump packaging with a transparent cap.The bottle is slim and fits in the palm perfectly. The packing is very handy which I loved it.It doesn’t occupy more space in my bag also Its travel-friendly.

Product: The moisturizer smells like any herbal product, like green tea.The product is just like a serum which is translucent and little watery.when you apply it on your face, it gets absorbed quickly.It doesn’t make my face greasy at all.Because of the watery consistency, it feels light on my face.

when you apply the moisturizer do some massage on your skin, it will help the skin to glow.It takes only 10-15 seconds for the moisturizer to dry and give a matte finish.

it makes my skin hydrated but not greasy.

When I am wearing makeup I usually prefer one and half a pump of the moisturizer and this keeps my skin hydrated and without making my face oily. So in my case, it does what it claims.Its a perfect moisturizer for oily skin when used under makeup.

How long it keeps my skin Oil-free?                                                                         This is the most important question asked my skin type people.Ok, let me tell you.I have been using this moisturizer more than a month and till now it has not broken my skin.I would say that the moisturizer kept my face matte for at least  3-4 hours.And after that, I started noticing slight oil secretion on my nose and not on any other parts of my face. This kind of impressed me because my T-Zone becomes oily super fast and it really worked by keeping my oils at bay.

Overall it is worth the try.

Pros of Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer:                                 

  • Good packaging
  • Matte finish
  • non-comedogenic
  • does not give break out
  • smells good
  • hydrates well
  • good for oily skin people

Cons of Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer:

  • bit costly
  • makes skin oily after 3-4 hours

Rating: 5/5

hope you love the review.

If you had tried this moisturizer, give a comment below about your review on this product so that others can know it.

if you are oily skin type or combination, give this moisturizer a try.You will certainly love it

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