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Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum Review

Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum Review

Hi friends,

Today is my post about Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum Review.

Serum is just like a game changer to hair care. It really makes a big difference after applying it in the right way. And most importantly choosing the right serum according to your hair type is so mandatory. Otherwise, everything you did to your hair goes to vain.

Recently I got this amazing product after using a lot of serums from other brands. The serum is now days must have product for all girls. As it solves lots of hair problems in today’s busy and hectic life including split ends as itself the name suggests. Just a few drops of serum in hair and you are ready to flaunt hair every day. I have naturally wavy, frizzy hair so lets’ take look how its deal with my hair.Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum

Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum works best when applied to dry hair starting from the ends moving towards the scalp. Hence concentrating more on the split ends and works on them and their repairing leading to further hair growth and improvement in the texture. It makes hair really smooth and even. It is also a non-greasy formula which deals with frizz and makes hair smooth and soft. It is also claimed to give a reflective shine to the hair.

Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum Review

About Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum :

Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum is a professional hair care line formulated to help control and smooth chemically straightened hair. It is enriched with Shea Butter which helps to protect and moisturize hair for a healthy looking shiny hair.

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Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum comes in a cute transparent orange, plastic bottle with a pump on it. The pump which pressed spurts out the serum (not a spray). The packaging is very travel-friendly. It’s so important to lock the cap tightly whenever you are traveling with this serum. Sometimes it gets leaked and makes the purse go crazy.

This really happened to me so many times, I am just making you all aware of the fact, that it may leak if not closed properly.

Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum

Available: Amazon

Price: Rs.399


The fragrance of Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum is really so good. It smells like a fruity flavor. But the fragrance gets vanished after applying. People with a sensitive nose will definitely like to use to it.

Did it work for my Dry hair?

Yes, it did amazing work for my dry hair. I personally have been using it more than 2 months and I will recommend to girls with dry ,friizy hair.

My experience with Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum :

Matrix is a well know brand in saloon and for hair care uses. The packing of the bottle is super cute. I have wavy frizzy hair to me, it acts like a frizz free hair. It has a non-sticky oily consistency.

When you apply Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum to your wet hair. The magic begins as your hair doesn’t get any more tangles and comes out really smooth and manageable. It controls frizziness to a great extent.

Always try to apply a little bit, because applying more makes your hair a bit heavier. And also it makes hair straight which I don’t like, but for straight hair people, it’s ok.

If you use a good amount of serum, your hair tends to look more oily and greasy. Try to take the right amount of product or just 1-2 pumps for your wet hair and you are done. It works for long hours after application and my hair feels soft and frizz-less full day. Though it does not provide shine to wavy hair a much.

Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum

I will recommend this product to all.

As compared to other serum products I feel this product will surely give result and is cost effective.

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Pros Of Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum:

  • Attractive packaging
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable
  • Less quantity of serum requires
  • Makes hair soft, frizz free, tangle free full day
  • Makes hair really manageable
  • Good serum for use before styling hairs

Cons Of Matrix Opti Professional Split End Serum:

  •  makes hair heavier when applied more
  • Using too much of the serum can again make your hair very greasy
  • Full of chemicals

Final Verdict for matrix Opti professional split end serum:

I’m happy with this serum. Do pick it up if you have thin, frizzy hair with split ends.

Rating: 8/10

Hope you loved my review.

If you are using any serum, do comment below so that i can give them a try.

And if you have used this product do share with me your experience.

Lots of Love.

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