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Lip balm for dark lips | the lyon lip treatment

Lip balm for dark lips | the Lyon lip treatment roll on- all in one care & protection

Summer means tanning and lots of other skin related issues. Lips are the most ignored part of our face which generally ends up with applying beautiful lip color. We just ignore to apply any kind of sun protection to it.

Tanning makes the lips darker and dryer. As the skin of lip is thinner and needs extra care during each season. In winter we never forget to apply lip balms but in summer it’s just the opposite.

I think personally lip balm is much better than lipsticks. As lip balms contain less amount of chemicals than the lipstick. It’s color free and may sometime have natural colors. But where lipsticks contain so many kinds of chemicals which help them to last longer and some colors in it. It’s better to use lip balm for regular bass then lipsticks.

Reasons why lip becomes dark in color:

There are so many reasons for lips getting darker. I think the most important is drinking less water. If we drink less water our skin gets dehydrated and in return, we can see the effects on our lips too. The lips color changes from pink to slightly brown in color.

Another common reason for lips getting darker is smoking. And even too much exposure to the sun can make the lip darker. Sun tanning is so common reason for we girls. We normally apply sunscreen on our skin but don’t know what kind of cream to apply on lips to protect it from tanning and end up with darker lips. I personally use Himalaya lip balms as it contains SPF which protects the lips from tanning.

Lip balm for dark lips the lyon lip treatment

I forgot to tell you about makeups on the lips. yes applying too much of chemical-filled products makes the lip darker as it contains a very high amount of toxins in it.

These are the most common reasons which generally makes the lips look darker and drier.

But using some of the home remedies and proper lip care treatment helps to reduce the darkness and give back the glow on lips.

Today I will be sharing one of the product that after using it, it gave me amazing will be surprised to know that the product contains all natural ingredients and has no chemicals in it.

The Lyon Lip Treatment : (Lip balm for dark lips)

Packing & Texture:

The Lyon lip treatment comes with a roll on it. First of all, other lip balms do not have a creamy texture. So it does not have a rotating body to remove the product.

As its a mix of oils and glycerin, it just comes out with the roller on it. It’s just like an amrutanjan roll on. But specially designed for lips.

Lip balm for dark lips the lyon lip treatment


  • olive oil
  • Witch Hazel
  • Coconut oil
  • Banana Extracts
  • Glycerin

Available: ThelyonAmazon

Price: Rs.299


Ahh, I love the fragrance of The Lyon lip treatment roll on. It smells like a creamy sweet flavor. And most importantly the smell does not last for a longer time, it vanishes after 5 minutes of application. Finally, the smell is not so hard for sensitive nose people.

Lip balm for dark lips the lyon lip treatment

Effectiveness Of The Lyon Lip Treatment : (Lip balm for dark lips)

As soon as I received the package I started using it. It has been more than 15 days I have used and now it’s the best time to share my whole experience with you.

The Lyon lip treatment roll on is filled with the goodness of oils. I mostly started using this lip balm during night time. During day time it makes my lips look more oiler than any other lip balm does.

Generally, lip balms have a creamy texture whereas the Lyon lip treatment roll-on has an Oiler texture. As it contains lots of oils and glycerin, it makes my lips hydrated and softy in the morning.

And most importantly it helped me to reduce the darkness on my lips. I don’t know why my lips were turning so dark. And this was the main reason behind using this product. It really works amazing on my lips and to some extent, it reduced the darkness on my lips.

I will not say that it made my lips pink again but to some extent, yes it did reduce the darkness on my lower and upper lips. I just think anyone who really needs to take care of the dark lips then they should try this product.

Pros Of The Lyon Lip Treatment Lip Balm: Lip balm for dark lips

  • Has no chemicals.
  • Filled with natural ingredients.
  • Contains the goodness of witch hazel.
  • Enriched with coconut oil, olive oil, and glycerin.
  • Hydrates the lips for at least 2- 3 hours of applying.
  • Does not make the lips dry after completion of effect.
  • Helps to get rid of dark lips.
  • Budget-friendly.

Cons Of  The Lyon Lip Treatment Lip Balm: Lip balm for dark lips

  • You feel like applying just oils.
  • Can’t be used before applying any lipstick.
  • Best for night time lip care but not for day time.

Rating:  4/5

Final Verdict: 

The Lyon lip treatment roll on is one of the best lip balms which I recently found. As it’s filled with so many good ingredients which makes the lips soft and hydrates and does reduce the darkness on lips.

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Hope you all love the review.

If you have any tried that makes your lip look natural, do share your experiences with my readers.

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Lots of Love.

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