Calamine lotion for acne
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How to use Calamine lotion

Calamine lotion for acne | Use of calamine for babies :    

What is a Calamine Lotion?

Calamine lotion is one of the best moisturizers which helps in giving a soothing effect to the skin. As it contains zinc oxide and ferric oxide which acts as astringent. Its a really amazing product to have when you have babies or you are on holidays. It works best on baby rashes and even on sunburn giving a soothing effect to the skin. According to the world health organization, it’s one of the best effective and safe medicine for skin irritation. It comes in different brand names, contains aloe vera and Vitamin E which makes it more good for the skin.

Mostly calamine is known for treating itchiness. In addition, it has the anti-inflammatory property which reduces the skin irritation, skin redness, and even inflammations. Before using calamine lotion its necessary to shake the bottle. Otherwise, water will come out of it first and then the lotion. Because calamine separates from the other agents present in the bottle.

Uses of Calamine lotion:

Calamine lotion is magic for all skin problem including rashes, sunburn and even acne. I personally love using calamine lotion as a daily moisturizer. It helped me remove my acne scars and even stops pimples from coming. Today I will be sharing a list in which calamine lotion will be used.

Calamine lotion for acne:

Calamine lotion is great for acne treatment. As it contains the goodness of kaolin and zinc oxide, which helps in reducing scars. It captures the moisture and helps in rejuvenating the skin. After a week of use, you can see the results on the skin.

Before applying the calamine lotion wash face with lukewarm water. As lukewarm helps in opening the pores and clean the bacteria from the skin. Apply calamine lotion on the clean face. Do massage it for at least 2-3 minutes, so that it can penetrate into the skin. It may make you look more whitish, But the whitish effect does not stay for a longer period of time. Since calamine lotion takes at least 15 minutes to get absorbed in the skin.

Calamine lotion for acne | calora lotion
Calora lotion

It works best as moisturizer, sunscreen and removes dark shades from the skin including acne scars and sunburns.

Calamine lotion for Sunburn:

Mostly whenever you are on holidays, you tend to get sunburns easily. I always get them on holidays. This is a must to have in your holiday backpack. As it soothes the skin and helps to remove sun tan. And Calamine is the must to carry in your bag as it also helps to sooth any wound.

The most favorite calamine lotion of mine is Calapure A lotion. It contains the goodness of aloe vera which is also a soothing agent. Calapur A lotion helped me to remove suntan within a week of regular use. Applying regularly in the affected area help to reduce the suntan.

Calamine lotion for acne
Calapure-A Lotion

Calamine lotion for babies :

Calamine is the best option of for babies. Normally, babies suffer from rashes on contact with anything. The skin of babies are very immunogenic, so when they come in contact with the external environment, rashes appear. Sometimes these rashes lead to infections and these are painful for the newborns. For rashes, calamine lotion is the remedy. As it soothes the skin and gives a cool feeling.

Finally, calamine lotion is an anti-itching agent. So it also stops itching and reduces redness. It can be used for diaper rashes. Hence calamine moistures the skin and reduce the rashes within a week of use.

Note: Always consult a doctor before applying anything to babies as they have a very sensitive skin than you and me.

Calamine lotion as a moisturizer :

I always use calamine lotion as my daily moisturizer. Though I have lots of moisturizers from different brands. Its a must use on daily basis. Calamine lotion is really good for oily skin people. As it helps in keeping oil at bay.

Calamine lotion for acne

Most of all it works as a base for my makeup. Calamine lotion can be used as a primer for the base of makeup. It helps makeup to last longer giving a matt finish to the skin. As it also controls oil, so that my makeup looks good for a longer period of time. It acts as a medium between the skin and makeup. Finally, it does not clog the pores of the skin which in return reduces further acne. Regular use of it helps to remove blackheads and whiteheads.

Its one of the best moisturizer for oily, acne prone skin people. It’s not just moisture but also a medication which reduces acne and spots of the face. The application makes you look whiter and brighter the whole day.

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Hope you all loved the list of calamine uses.

If you have tried this moisturizer, give a comment below for the reason you have used calamine. And if it has helped you or not. So that other readers can know more about its usages.

If you are suffering from acne, give this moisturizer a try. You will certainly love it. As this is my personal recommendation for acne and sunburns.

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  • Asmita

    Hi sonam,

    Could you please tell me the right way to use the calamine lotion?I have oily, acne prone skin. My skin do have lot of blemishes due to previous acne marks .They look aged and unhealthy too. I have previously used all dermatologist suggested creams as well, but I am looking for more natural and sustainable ones like this calamine lotion. Can i use it in the morning and night as well?

    • sonamsahid

      well as you know calamine is a soothing agent and has no role in active acne or acne prevention. if your skin is irritable , red, stinging , itching then you can use calamine lotion most preferably twice daily after cleaning the place of application , may it be face or any other body part.and for post-acne hyperpigmentation it has some effect on decreasing blemishes but is much less effective than kojic acid or tranexamic acid.

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