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    How To Do Home Facial Step By Step

    Hello, are you doing facial in the parlor? If yes then today I will be sharing the steps for a home facial. Girls try to do facial at least once a month. It’s better to do facial once a week. In our daily life, we take stress from our happenings. Our face is the first part which gets exposed to the atmosphere the most. It gets affected by pollution, stress, work and lots of things. Always try to pamper yourself, otherwise, you will be lost in this busy world. A facial is a good way to pamper yourself and release your stress and toxins from the skin. It helps in blood circulation…

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    Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser Review

    Hello, Summer means tanning. Right! today I will be sharing a review on D-Tan Cleanser from a herbal brand named Ozone. Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser. I went home last month and had lots of fun. Going home after a six months gap means visiting some local places, going for shopping and lots of stuff. As in Odisha, the temperature is quite high. So tanning is natural. Girls don’t like to look tanned,(yes I don’t). SUNSCREEN FOR OILY ACNE PRONE SKIN Review of Ozone Herbals D-Tan Cleanser: Product Description: Let us talk about the product. This is an ayurvedic product. The name of the brand itself tells a lot of things. Ozone means the outer…

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    Sunscreen For Oily Acne Prone Skin

    Hello beauties, summer is back. Yah, time to wear shorts and get to protect our skin from sun baby. We definitely wear sunscreen the whole year but during summer we need more protection. Summer brings sweat and oily skin. If your skin is oily it will give you breakouts. So its time to choose a better sunscreen for Oily-Acne Prone skin. Nobody wants acne, It seriously takes away the prettiness of your face.  It vanishes the beautiful happy face.  So it’s better to take care of them. Doesn’t matter whether you have oily skin or dry skin.taking care of it is most important… right. Don’t forget to carry your hat wherever you go.I look cool…

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    Classy Look With An Indian Wear

    Today I will be sharing a new topic, how to look classy in Indian dresses. Classy look is something different which makes you more confident and unique. Being classy is not just about style, But also showing off your elegance, grace, and finesse. Sometimes in movies, we see actresses wearing lots of jewelry as in Padmavati. but it is not possible in our day to day life. Today I will be sharing some tips and tricks to look classy. Tricks to look classy: Dressing classy is not difficult, try to meld your personal style with the new way of dressing. Try something new from your closet and pair it with some…

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    Remedies for Acne Treatment

    Acne is one of the most serious problems for teenage girls and boys. People suffering from pimples want to get rid of this problem asap. We do a lot of things for our acne treatment. But all in vain, if you don’t take care of the basics. Acne is caused by clogging of pores by oil or dead cells. As a result, it causes an inflammatory skin condition leading to pimples or acne. We can avoid this unwanted guest on our face by following some tips shared below. Tips To Prevent Acne: Rule no.1 Always try to keep your hands clean, If you have a habit of touching your face. Our hand…